When you enroll in the eMed Anytime monthly program you get access to one of the most revolutionary health care suites ever created.  Our motto is Live Well, Eat Well, Stay Fit.


24/7 online access to physicians

• eMed Anytime makes it easy to address any health question or medical concern with an online physician, psychologist, dentist, pharmacist, dietician, and fitness trainer and receive a personalized response, often within 24 hours.

• Avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor, cut inflated medical costs and copays, and make informed decisions about your family’s health care.

• Upload images, PDFs or labs for our medical professionals to review.

Online health manager

• With over 40 lifestyle, work style, behavioral health, and disease-specific assessments, eMed Anytime helps you learn of habits or behaviors that may impact your long term health and wellness.

• Each assessment generates a personal report with specific recommendations for a healthier life.

Nurse hotline

• If you have an urgent (non-emergency) medical situation and need professional advice, call the nurse assistance line toll-free, 24/7.

• A registered nurse will talk with you about your symptoms and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Health information library

eMed Anytime provides you access to a comprehensive library of over 2,100 health-related topics.

Online fitness & nutrition

• As a member of eMed Anytime you have access to one of the most comprehensive online weight loss, weight control and body transformation programs ever developed.

• Enjoy creating custom workouts, step-by-step exercise videos, a nutrition analyzer, exercise log and much more!


Online farmer’s market

eMed Anytime connects members with farmers from all over the nation via one of America’s first online markets.

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Once Enrolled You Will Have

• Peace of mind that they have 24/7, one-click or one-call access to the opinion of medical experts

• The convenience of health advice and information on demand so that they can make informed decisions-especially regarding their family!

• To save time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctors office.

• Fitness and healthy living made as easy as possible-available at their fingertips.

• Health resources to rely upon-health assessments, health information, fitness programs, nutrition support and fresh food alternatives.

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